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Hope you DE technology co., LTD. Is located in zhejiang hangzhou hangzhou yuhang pond north industrial area,The company is engaged inSMC、BMC、DMCComposite materials products research、Development、Production、The sale is a body comprehensive enterprise。Composite materials products have been widely used with car、Communications、Electrical appliances and other industries,At present, the company and the car manufacturers at home and abroad to establish a strategic partnership,And to be a partner of many auto parts enterprises and excellent suppliers......

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Hangzhou hope you DE technology co., LTD


A mobile phone:18758294090

The phone:0572-8255896

The mailbox:XEDgxyx@163.com
Address:Zhejiang hangzhou yuhang district pond LeiDian dongsheng road north industrial park168Number

Product display

  • 300*300 Party in the round

  • 400*450 Stone grain

  • Electrical switch

  • High pressure box

  • The car lamp cover

  • White high pressure box

  • Meter box

  • Electrical box

  • The electric box

  • Electric switch

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